Video production



Telling your story: you have many reasons to do it – product placement, formation, teaser messaging, drafting, interviews, acronyms introduction, company surveys – but what you need won’t change. We all need to be listened at, but we have little time. If a video is the preferred medium, a good video is not a piece of cake.

Years of experience will help us convey your ideas, but if we’ll follow the right path, then success will be ensured.

  • we prepare the briefing together
  • we create a storyboard
  • we shoot the video and select the right sequences
  • we edit the video in the needed format
  • we choose and add the music
  • we export and distribute the video

Surgical video

In the surgery room we’re like ninjas, respecting all the security norms enforced in the structures we work at. In post production we will then select and edit the sequences that fit best the desired educational purpose.

Video animations

Even logos, numbers and graphics can transform and come to life fascinating the public. In this case, as always, sharing the same goal is essential to allow us find the right graphic and artistic style based on your target viewers