Marketing video production

Client: Orhoservice - ANDI
Two different case histories by type of customer and content, but with the same goal: to increase brand awareness by ensuring perception of the content.

Target: healthcare professionals. Our institutional client (ANDI – National Association of Italian Dentists) had to communicate to the associates the change of management gear; our Corporate client (Orthoservice) wanted to make life of professionals easier, with an easy app for digital prescriptions. In both cases, limited space and time available. Users to be captured and engaged quickly and effectively.

GDS has supported its customers in all phases of the video production, editing and distribution. In those cases, the shooting phase was not included: once the narration was defined, it was designed in a storyboard, which guided the selection of sequences from stock video platforms – in compliance with the copywriting licenses based on the distribution planned – and the subsequent editing and combination with archive video.

Without forgetting an accompanying music, which even in the simplest creations gives value to the product and helps to capture the attention of our hasty user.