The reality we are experiencing and which reinforces the role and work of Italian doctors has made their physical achievement more difficult.

In fact, even before the current emergency, the patient is always faced with the fact of having to face long waiting times, even just to obtain a prescription for a drug.

It is now known that many rely on “Doctor Google”, with the risk of not solving the problem and postponing the treatment phase. Even more important was the signing, just in these days, of an ordinance that allows citizens to obtain the “Electronic prescription number” from their doctor without the need to physically withdraw, and bring the paper memo to the pharmacy.

What is a first step towards a change of habits?

So why not start using our Online Video Consultation platform (video, audio and chat), as part of information and awareness-raising projects on health issues, with the involvement of general practitioners and specialists?

The platform complies with the rules imposed by the new European data protection regulation (GDPR) and adopts the latest technologies for data storage and encryption.

Strategic Consulting

With a consultancy project for the development of the brand and commercial strategy we can organized together:

Definition of the objectives;
Brand positioning and enhancement;
Analysis and optimization of the user experience;
Communication and promotional plan;
Go-to-market strategy;