Product launching

How, where and when are the three strategical keys in the planning of a product launching event. This time GDS supported the company with an integrated management of services in order to attain a common goal: to involve, to entertain, to awe, to have people tell others about it.


We all know how difficult it is to choose a child name… a delicate operation, subject to emotional reactions and personal taste. How should the name of a selling product be? We looked for it, we proposed our ideas, and then it just “lightened up” before our eyes.


Once the name had been chosen, our creative team went wild with its graphic design: a simple and elegant line to characterise all communicative events: Save the Date, invitations, banners and totems, external portals, communications for the guests before, during and after the event.

Venue selection

Fate decided for us and it turned out that the perfect venue would be “our house”. We proposed one of the jewels of our lake, Villa Erba, with its peculiar round-shaped room and the centuries-old park: the perfect frame for an evocative evening and the ideal iconography for an ophthalmology-related event.


We design the showcases your events need trying to put ourselves in your users’ minds: something beautiful is always appreciated, but we are all grateful when something is ease of use.



Our DNA is designed to make us tell good stories: when we at GDS engage in video editing, we forget who we are and put ourselves in your shoes following what you do and what you are. Emotional videos and engaging music have been with the Alcon guests from the entrance to the final greetings.

Dynamic presentations

Those who often speak to the public know it: people will not remember only what you said, but their visual memory will retain also images and emotions. Having the audience seated in front of a screen where they will see graphically pleasant or dynamic slides is a form of courtesy a company should have for its guests as well as a way to add value to the speakers representing it.

Technical services

We love technology because it allows us to visualize ideas and put into effect the communication process: that’s why for this event we proposed a 40 meters screen welcoming the public with a long hug. A challenge in terms of management of non-standard contents, but a strong start! We continued on a high standard all along: lights and gobos for an immersive experience, cameras TV studio-style, all managed by an adequate technical direction.



An event becomes a success only thanks to the work of all the participants to its organisation. Villa Erba’s staff literally realised a set-transformation in one hour: from meeting room to dinner party location with 360° view on our lake. And we at GDS worked to add even more to the guests’ awe: what is that blight globe lighting up the night? Correct, that’s ClareON!


We believe in transforming the role of the public in an active one: a smartphone will be enough, no app download needed, and no special effort required. You will enjoy your time voting and making questions so not to leave alone those on the stage doing all the work.