Practice Development Plan

Client: Day Hospital Borgo Wuhrer
Goal: create a pool of clinic-owned patients through a review of the organization and internal and external communication.

Initial audit

CThere are many ways to reach a goal, the best way is to get started. Through a two-day audit at the clinic, it was possible to figure out the “as-is” situation, analysing the strategic and organizational structure, the patient flow, the patient experience and internal and external communication. Thanks to the audit, the most critical areas emerged, on which to set and develop the next strategy.

Communication to the patient: the right training is essential

In healthcare, when it comes to patient communication, a “psychological” component also comes into play: the relationship between the staff and the patient is crucial if we want that the latter lives a positive and optimal experience that he will tell about. The staff was consequently trained and prepared to acquire a correct and empathic communicative approach.


Communication material

Over the development of the right communication approach, we have contributed to the preparation of the information materials that a clinic must have and to their distribution through the offline and online communication: a nice institutional video, video testimonial with patients and medical staff, brochures, survey and customer satisfaction questionnaires.

Website restyling

Progress in internal organization must be reported and made public. It starts with the website, the first showcase of the new image of the clinic. Goal? A modern, dynamic website, obviously mobile responsive, full of multimedia contents.


Digital advertising campaign

Good communication in a competitive world must take advantage of advertising and promotional tools, also to broaden and strengthen its clinic-owned patient target.
Google and Facebook offer services and tools with different potentials: we have activated different and targeted campaigns, based on the pre-established results, the available budget and the content to be conveyed.

Fundamental asset: the analysis data that emerge from digital advertising, to measure ROI, lead conversions and evaluate or re-evaluate the strategy.