Online training

Studying in the digital era. Today it is possible to learn without space or time boundaries: and if we think of the life of a professional, it’s not too difficult to understand the advantages this has brought. Our client, Thea Academy, wants to work together with the new generation of ophthalmologists and offers courses that will sustain them in every step of their education as professionals and in their daily practice.

The project is still evolving, but the first goal has been attained: do offer Ebod exam candidates an e-learning oriented platform where specifically recorded courses have been uploaded. Many features are available: an educational trail structured in steps that will become available once completed the previous stage, self-assessing questionnaires with final marks, and the possibility to create programs valid for CME/UEMS.

The platform back office permits to manage all users like a single database where it will be possible to visualise a general overview of students, professors and the status of the courses.