3D Modeling and animations

Client: Alcon
If the product is the heart of every company, its representations are fundamental for the creation of value. The more realistic and evolved these representations are, the more we can show our products even if we cannot have them in our hands.

Product modeling

Maybe our product is so small that it is impossible to show it appropriately even during the event that should launch it: 3D modelling techniques help us, combined with a wise use of computer graphics. By combining technical and creative skills, we managed to transform a small object of about ten centimetres into a scenographic object capable of “speaking in public”.

The comments of those present in the meeting room? “We thought the product was actually on stage”.

Virtual environment modeling

Maybe in our scientific events we are limited to unattractive technical contents: however, there is no limit to the environments in which these simple slides can be inserted. Virtual rooms, projection frames with three-dimensional settings, to go beyond the physical space that surrounds us.