Sales force material

Client: Alcon
Goal: make the communication material available to the sales force more interactive.

The sales force of a surgical company plays a fundamental role because in perfecting field sales, it informs and trains the medical class.

For a greater uniformity of content, to facilitate and maximize its use, Alcon has invested in a well-structured app that collects and organizes marketing materials produced centrally and made available to various countries.

Dynamic content


We have supported the customer by contributing to the optimization of the app materials: simple static brochures and PDFs have become fully navigable dynamic presentations, usable for example from a tablet, making interaction with the customer more engaging. Multimedia elements have been added, such as short videos inserted within the presentation or references to external content directly linked within the file. Dynamic tools have been implemented and integrated into the app to make comparisons between products, prices and price strategies, for example. To highlight immediately the value of the company versus its competitors!