Live surgery

Ah, so much time has passed since our first live surgery! It was 1974.

Technologies might have changed, but the need to connect an operating surgeon to the colleagues observing his work from a conference centre is absolutely unchanged.

Here at GDS we feel a bit like the pioneers in this field, and we approach every live event as if we were preparing for a big race: we study the field, we choose the best equipment, we know what the accidents may be and we try to anticipate them.

We believe in the educational value of live surgery, but we carefully respect the privacy of all those involved.

Floretina is the jewel on our crown: the charm of the live combined with the showmanship of 3D images. Who is performing the surgery? The surgeon in the theatre or the one sitting in the classroom?

We feel part of the surgery staff, when we interact with the best surgeons in the world participating to our congress.

3D Symposium

We work together on the preparation of presentations and videos that will grant a traditional scientific symposium an unexpected scenographic side leading to a greater communication impact.



Three simultaneous retinal surgeries, all displayed on the screen via PiP, with the possibility for moderators to comment live the more important steps, going from one case to the other without interruption.



If put in the context of the two half-days congress program, it becomes difficult to imagine how all this could work without a team of experts used to deal with the stress of the livestreaming, where there is no “second take”.