Virtual Congress

During 2020 we all had to face new challenges, adapting our ways of working to a different reality. GDS found a solution to continue running congresses which were suddenly interrupted. After running many tests, researching, planning, and managing a substantial amount of webinars, we were able to offer a dedicated platform for virtual events.

Pre-event marketing

A specific marketing strategy is necessary to advertise your event and increase audience’s partecipation. GDS supports you with promotional emails, teaser videos and web portals.

Virtual platform

Innovation, intuitiveness, personalization make up the core values of our business. Our virtual platform offers interactive interfaces, with clear graphic for a dynamic and immersive experience. Clients can choose between a standard or a fully personalized version of the platform.

Personalized platforms

Thanks to 3D modeling, we can virtually create any settings: a house, a museum, a congress center or even a historic mansion. We are happy to help you develop your idea..

Users profiling

One of the main advantages of virtual events is a better user profiling, following GDPR regulation for data protection and privacy.

User Experience

GDS puts the user at the heart of the platform design: we make it so that the navigability is as intuitive as possible. We always try to involve the audience by creating moments of interactivity and gamification.

Tracking and analytics

We continuously monitor events thanks to a precise tracking system, organizing data in final reports. The advantage is a more precise profiling of the users, which allows to enrich the company’s CRM system.

Responsive platforms

The platform was designed to adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets.

On demand materials

All events contents will be available online for those who wish to re-watch them or those who couldn’t make it on the day.

Phygital solutions

In future we will increasingly use omnichannel experiences that will integrate the online (digital) and offline (physical) worlds together. Via the GDS Innovation HUB you get a studio space fully equipped with the latest technologies at your disposal for your phygital event.