Communication campaign for patients

Alcon, world leader in ophthalmology, wanted to organize a communication campaign for patients.

Goal: to inform patients about new options available today for cataract surgery, pointing out innovative solutions for its treatment.

Informative web portal

Thanks to our strong knowledge in the field, we worked as Alcon partners to outline the most effective ways to convey the contents: video animations, video interviews and geolocalization of the best clinics.

Scientific copywriting and graphic design

Every information, every content has been analyzed and created by our team of experts: designers and scientific copywriters worked together to adapt to the needs for knowledge of the patient and to support clinics in the process of promotion and popularization (pamphlets, posters, videos for the waiting rooms)

Digital advertising

Could we not have digital advertising, in an information campaign? We selected the most relevant communication channels in the field adding banners and promotional articles in some magazines. You sure heard our Spotify spot about “mist at Giorgio’s place”