GDS Innovation HUB

Secret monitor

Be it in your stand or in any kind of open space, you’ll be able to show some contents only to a selected audience, without any need for additional architectural structures. How? All you need is this special monitor, some glasses with polarized lenses… and the mystery will be revealed.

Transparent monitor

If what you need is to show a physical product underlining and amplifying its characteristics while retaining the visitors’ attention, this is the best solution for you: a showcase-container for the object and a screen for the visualization of the digital contents. This new, versatile technology will literally allow your flagship product to speak for itself.


Art and technology: provided the available space is compatible, three, four or more monitors can become a non-conventional furniture element suggesting to the viewer the shapes that are more indicate to successfully convey your message. In this case careful planning and content formatting will be needed.


A different way to turn a partition wall or a structural element into a medium of visual communication: this “tiles” will light up your contents and reproduce them on customized shapes and dimensions. GDS will help you maximize the potentialities of this solution while ensuring images will be enjoyed by the viewers without interruptions or distortions of any kind.

Virtual reality

There are many technologies that can simulate a reality that is different from the one you are in and that will make you live the illusion of an experience. Let’s study together which one suits you best based on your needs and goals. Working together we’ll find the way to convey in the best way the enthusiasm and the expectations that are always associated to this form of entertainment.

Interactive table

This technological piece of furniture enhances the interaction between users: with a touch screen filled with multimedia contents created for this purpose, you’ll have the ability to present products and services captivating your listeners.


A kind of virtual reality that doesn’t need viewers. An object, a shape, will enter in our space maintaining all its three-dimensional features: almost a magic trick that will also interact with people. Perfect to capture the public attention and to show products and logos.

Chroma Key Photography

A photo shoot with Chroma Key is always useful for when you need to extrapolate the subject form the background. The green brush will make post production and special effects addiction easier, but requires great attention during the phase leading to the creation of the setting as well as to the lighting.

Touch screen

At the booth, during a meeting… imagine being able to activate a coherent and structured flux of contents connected to a product or a family of products without having to open any folder or all the archives. With a simple touch you’ll have access to images, related videos, explicative PDFs, and animations to support your presentation.

3D Monitor

To support your surgery videos and 3D animations enhancing an immersive fruition of the contents.

2D & 3D projections

Here at GDS we are a little bit the maniac on one thing: image quality above all. The choice of the projector that will be used will depend from content, projection location and screen format, but our minimum quality is always a full HD!

Interactive WhiteBoard

The traditional writing surface used during classes has nowadays been replaced by a multimedia surface thought to enhance interaction for small groups: for a more interactive, creative and innovative conference room.

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