Communication strategy


Branding & logo design

From a new brand name to the creation of the corporate identity, it is essential to have an elegant, neat and distinctive official image. We will outline the essential elements necessary to shape your brand’s key values.

Web Design

We will design the best digital solutions to describe your brand, making them compatible with all browsers and devices with an eye to piquing users’ curiosity and to the pleasure of browsing a website.


Mobile App

We all live constantly holding hour smartphones in our hands, and this gives us the opportunity to have all kind of experiences. For us, to create an app means defining an appealing design and creating a user-friendly interface. In other words, the app is designed around the user.


Planning and managing correctly an email marketing campaign means to optimise your investment in communication reaching your target users while acquiring detailed reports on their behaviour.


Social Media

Like it or not, nowadays professionals (and even more the future ones) communicate through social media: information is acquired faster when conveyed via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We know how easy access creates an overwhelming amount of inputs and information, and that’s why we design your editorial plans so that they are relevant and of high quality.

Digital Advertising

What is it? An extension of advertising strategies: a plus along with TV, posters and advertising boards in physical spaces, cinema and press. Advertising will then follow its target and adapt to it, it will become more target-oriented, will have a dialogue with its public and with its users reducing the distance with them to zero. Video and social marketing, Pay Per Click campaigns, SEO optimisation, this are some of the tools used to spread your brand, make people talk about your products, obtain ROI from your messages.


Material to enhance the selling power

The amount of information, detailed studies, demonstrations and results sales managers have to show their clients is endless. Perpetually travelling from a client to the other, they need an efficient and powerful tool allowing them to have everything at hand. Today’s best tool is indeed the iPad, but in order to use it at full potential all contents must be well prepared and carefully selected.

To have an interactive PDF working along the page-scrolling on the iPad means to carefully choose the design layout of texts, links, navigation buttons. Excel tables, graphics and CRM databases can be integrated with presentations with a catchy and dynamic graphic. This is essential, be it a personalised file or the adaptation of existing applications. GDS will do it for you, allowing you to use your time to focus on your goals.