Strategic advice


Sooner or later, all companies have to look over immediate problems and pave the way to innovation and change, if they want to see their business grow.

If you are experiencing this phase right now, an external partner will be of help to set your goals and to outline the steps you will need to attain them. We know every company has its peculiarities, and that’s why we approach to all clients starting from a detailed analysis of the situation “as it is”, both from the organisational-economical and communication point of view. It is only after a careful analysis that we’ll propose you a strategic development plan that may include specific training sessions and/or internal and external communication activities.

We strongly believe an integrated approach to change as to an essential step to guarantee an organisational change that will be successful on the long term:

  • Sharing: before the start of our collaboration, let’s sit around a table and share strategic goals along with the related competitive scenario
  • Coherent changes: for some days we will silently assist to your daily activities in order to better understand their criticalities and assets as well as identify your company’s specific features and the changes you will need to operate.
  • Support: nothing happens without support. That’s why we’ll suggest you what internal and external tools you should adopt to support the change, along with internal staff training aiming at the strengthening of their skills.
  • Communication of the value to the outside: once change has happened, it’s time to let everybody know, inside and outside. What to communicate, and how? Let us help you.