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Technology and innovation driven marketing & communication agency.

We are a communication agency with a technological DNA: we have been supporting the Pharma, Medtech and Life Science industry since 1974, offering tactical and strategic solutions for their marketing and communication activities addressed to hcp and patients. We combine transversal competences and advanced technologies to create valuable experiences.

We support the growth and evolution process of Science and Technology by providing innovative services to Companies, Scientific Societies, Associations and Institutions that want to offer their products or promote their initiatives. We strive to always provide the highest standard of quality and personalization combined with an distinctive efficient and responsive approach.


We put passion in what we do

Our projects main ingredients.


Patient awareness campaign

The more patients know their pathology, the more they can be aware of the solutions and treatments available. A specific b2c communication studied in every detail: from the message to the channel.

Practice development plan

The success of professional practice cannot be separated from a development plan outlined in its various phases: objectives, training, organization, communication, results.


Medical affairs

The presence of a medical director allows us to be close to our clients’ needs, speak a common language, understand their demands, propose new solutions contextualized to the current healthcare world, and highlight the critical points of a strategy.  

Digital communication

Digital solutions to show and vehiculate your brand.


Product launches events & Conventions

We realized your ideas thanks to creativity, design and technology and we create settings that you cannot do without photographing and posting.

Virtual congress

At the congress without traveling | In the absence of physical meetings, we rethink the formats through a platform for a virtual congress!


Sales force materials

Excel tables, graphics and CRM databases can become dynamic, user friendly and graphically appealing in a few steps. Useful and beautiful at the same time!

Marketing video productions

When we do your story telling, we try to understand your ideas, evaluate your audience and find the conjunction point.


3D modeling and animations

Thanks to 3D animation techniques we can feature otherwise invisible characteristics of the product and highlight more technical aspects.

Brand building

We will outline the essential elements necessary to shape your brand’s key values.


Webinars and live streamings

“Km0” formation, 24/7 training, continuous sharing of competences, access to information from anywhere: in a nutshell, application of digital technologies to learning.

Live surgery and surgical videos

In the operating theatre, our presence will be hardly noticed, and behind the scenes a personalised direction will ensure the best audio and video quality.


GDS innovation HUB

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Leadership team


Paolo Bellocco - Managing Director



Since 2010 Paolo has held the role of CEO of GDS. After completing his studies in Economics and Marketing, and after gaining experience in consulting companies abroad, Paolo returned to Italy and joined GDS Communication. In a few years he took over the complete direction of the company, giving his personal push towards internationalization and expansion of services. Inclined to innovation and change, he is always looking for new ways to improve his business, with the ultimate goal of achieving excellence. Attentive to the well-being of people, whether they are customers, partners, employees or collaborators, he invests heavily in supporting their personal and professional growth, recognizing hard work, demonstrating trust, delegating responsibility, and providing an environment where they feel at home. Committed to the idea of sustainable business development, it is close to the issues of economic, social and ecological sustainability.



Alice’s journey at GDS began over 8 years ago. After dealing with both Marketing and Project Management, she now has a unique, client-centric perspective that she brings to our internal processes.

She is responsible for the key clients’ portfolio and for devising and implementing initiatives to promote the company vision and culture. She supervises the full internal team and operations to ensure the full control of the business. She inspires and deals internally to deliver great work that meets client expectations.

Alice Baroffio - Project Manager



Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, Alessandro subsequently Specialized in Hematology with Honors. In the Medical-University field he has participated at the creation of various Scientific Publications as well as having collaborated within Clinical Studies, with direct experience also in R&D in the Pharmaceutical Business field. He has participated at hundreds of training activities, including National and International Conferences, Masters, Educational Activities, Internships and Courses. Passionate about what he learns, he had the opportunity to participate as Teacher and Public Speaker in Scientific and Training Meetings. His experience allows him to combine scientific understanding with commercial insights, covering a wide range of therapy areas. At GDS Communication Alessandro acts as strategic counsel, to ensure that our work carries a noble scientific value.



Planning, organizing, and maintaining successful events has been Rossella’s honour for 17 years. Those events could be big medical conferences, conventions, small seminars, trade shows, parties or gala dinners: what they have in common is the professional approach they require, based on two main pillars, cross-team collaboration and a plan B always available, while dealing with things that are often out of your control. After several years of Project Management, in GDS Rossella is focusing on the full relationship with the customer, in order to develop long-term and strategic partnership, based not only on a deep understanding of the business, but of the human aspects involved as well.

Rossella Salvoni - Marketing Manager
Laura Vassena - Communication & Marketing Executive



Laura has racked up over 7 years of hands-on experience as a graphic designer. Now, after 4 years with GDS, she is responsible for leading the graphical team. Working across our projects, she has a deep understanding of our client’s values and how they translate into both digital and print. She uses what she learned to give razor-sharp attention to detail to ensure consistency and accuracy in all graphical output.



After years working in different television broadcasters, Michele entered, almost 30 years ago in GDS. He applied his audio-visual production experiences to the technical management of events and congresses. He has grown along with the Company and promoted and driven the many technological transitions that went through the years. Today he is the coordinator of the team dedicated to video post-production and technical management of events.

Michele Beltrami - Technical Director
Gabriele Marelli - Web designer



Senior web developer with more than 10 years of experience in web development. He has developed various web projects in various fields, management, application, information and congress. Prone to continuous professional growth, he has project management and team management skills. Digital and the web are part of its DNA. In GDS as Head of Digital he is responsible for the coordination and management of the development team, cultivating talents and skills to raise the bar of quality and professionalism more and more.

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